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IFBB world Champion and 4 times Olympian Jean Pierre Fux 

Thank you for inquiring what I have to offer  at JPFuxOnline Prep. I specialize in any category NPC/IFBB has to offer. Produced my first fitness world champion in 1997 and my last USA bikini champion in 2017. My expertise reaches far beyond bodybuilding and classic physique. Obviously my programs have to be based on the newest science  however applying it to different competitors in various categories is a different craft which I believe is my strength . The mental aspect of our sport is from essential importance and you will get 100% of my effort to get to know you and prepare you not just with the for you perfect plan but also prepare you mentally so you know you can look your best physically. I lost all of my shows because I wasn't mentally ready and it's from upmost importance to me to change that aspect for my clients. Tried to develop the right plan for anybody depending on your goals skill level and financial possibilities. Please check out my plans in the next section

  • JPFuxOnline is all about Laser Focus

JPFuxOnline Package

Month to month online training. 

$ 250 1st. month and $ 189 follow up months 

JPFuxCompetitor Package

Contest prep all the way to your show

$ 250 monthly (1st month payment $ 500)

Paid in full for 12 week prep (value $ 3000)

for $ 1200

JPFuxUltimate Package

6 months value $ 3000 (6 monthly payments of $ 500) Now special for $ 350 monthly, first months payment $ 700)

paid in full $ 1600

Diet plans

Single diet ans supplement plans for off season & pre contest for $ 250

Workout plans

Customized workout plans

Customized workout plans for diet & pre contest for $ 250

Plan Details

JPFuxOnline Package

-This program will include off season diet (supplementation) and training splits (training can be discussed but no written programs will be provided

-Limited access via WhatsApp 

-After receiving your pictures you will receive a questionnaire 

-I will come up with an off season strategy on pro standard

-no long term commitment you can cancel at any time

JPFuxUltimate Package

-This program will include everything from off season , diet ( supplementation) customized training & competition

-Unlimited access via Whatsapp with personal first priority number

-After receiving pictures of your mandatory poses you will receive a questionnaire 

-I come up with a detailed long term strategy which will be on Mr Olympia standard

-personalized workout programs supported with video if necessary 

-Phone calls are possible to cover ,ore ground

-Skype/FaceTime sessions weekly the last 6 weeks before the show

-Maximum support in the last week of your show (personal appearances possible just ask for details)

JPFuxCompetitor Package

-This program is focusing on contest prep diet and supplementation 

-Pictures needed weekly to adjust diet and workout splits 

-Strategy with weight goals and supplementation will be developed 


-Unlimited access via WhatsApp 

-Skype/FaceTime sessions possible in the last 4 weeks

-Maximum support in the last week of your show (personal appearance possible please ask for details

Customized workout $ diet plans

-after receiving your pictures I workout a strategy 

-Plans for customized workouts include workout splits , detailed exercises sets and repetition. Each body part will include 3 of my personal favorite workouts

-Plans for diet include off season plus formula for your diet. JPFuxOnline always try stay on top of the newest science even considering your heritage and blood type



For payments go to use my eMail address to make the payment. 

For payments trough Western Union or Bank of America please contact me under Contact us

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